Today’s Exhausted Superkids

I forever struggle with whether or not I’m giving my child the opportunities I should be giving him.

Could he be in a better school? Should I be making him take his piano lessons more seriously? Is he going to fall behind? But then I think of my own childhood and how little my elementary school experience had to do with where I am now. Rather it was the series of choices I made and opportunities I pursued into adulthood as my personality took form and I learned more about who I am.

But, whoa! kids these days. It’s as if they’re already climbing the corporate ladder before they get their first job. And they’re losing a lot of sleep in the process.

 In a study in the medical journal Pediatrics this year, about 55 percent of American teenagers from the ages of 14 to 17 reported that they were getting less than seven hours a night, though the National Sleep Foundation counsels 8 to 10.

Somewhere between tiger-momming and letting your kiddo play six hours of video games a day, there has to be a sweet spot.

“No one is arguing for a generation of mediocre or underachieving kids — but plenty of people have begun arguing for a redefinition of what it means to achieve at all,” wrote Jeffrey Kluger in Time magazine last week. He noted, rightly, that “somewhere between the self-esteem building of going for the gold and the self-esteem crushing of the Ivy-or-die ethos, there has to be a place where kids can breathe.”

Get the whole sad story in Frank Brui’s Today’s Exhausted Superkids

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