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Birch Bark Crafting at ASI: Make something pretty out of tree parts!

Crafting with the kids can be fun. Except when you realize the sad eventual destiny of said craft: the recycling bin. But when you’re working with material as lovely as birch bark, the craft could very well be something worth keeping. And here’s a good way to … Continue reading

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Peter Pan by the Morris Park Players: You’ll be hooked.

Good news! You don’t have to drop 30 clams to experience musical theater with your wee ones. Not when you’ve got the Morris Park Players presenting the beloved tale of Peter Pan. Forget what you think you know about community theatre … Continue reading

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Children’s Theatre Discount Tickets: The stage is set for savings.

Well, hello there. I’ve missed you. How were your holidays? Are you keeping warm? Which camp are you in: The hoping-they-cancel-even-MORE-school camp? Or the get-the-kids-out-of-the-house-NOW camp? Now that we’ve got that settled, I want to tell you about discount tickets … Continue reading

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Saturdays with a Scientist at the Bell Museum: Science-y fun for the whole family.

Hey everybody, there’s a brand new program at the Bell Museum and it sounds pretty cool: Saturday with a Scientist. One Saturday a month, your whole family can increase its science IQ and have fun doing it. The activities are … Continue reading

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The Washburn Games: Giving kids a chance—to give back.

If it weren’t for the fact that my little dude will already being playing soccer while this is happening, he’d no doubt be all over The Washburn Games. The Washburn Games gives kids ages 4-12 the chance to try a … Continue reading

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Finding Your Inner Caveman: Grog have fun here (grunt)!

You heard it here first: Cavemen might very well be the next big trend (move over owls!). Of course, I base this on nothing but the whole Paleo-diet craze. But who cares?! Your family will want in on this pretend … Continue reading

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Revolutionary Sports Sports Camp: Fun for them, a potential life-saver for you.

Forget this crazy summer weather! Know what I just did? Dropped my boy off at Revolutionary Sports sports camp for a full day of non-stop sporty fun. Indoors. Rev Sports sports camp is the perfect solution when you suddenly realize you … Continue reading

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