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Elf and Fairy Houses at North Mississippi Regional Park: Add some backyard magic.

When I was little, I was mildly obsessed with tiny people a la the Borrowers. Growing up, we had a bottle-shaped vase on our piano and I’d pretend my very own Jeannie lived in there. If your kiddo has a big imagination involving tiny humans, I say embrace it. … Continue reading

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Birch Bark Crafting at ASI: Make something pretty out of tree parts!

Crafting with the kids can be fun. Except when you realize the sad eventual destiny of said craft: the recycling bin. But when you’re working with material as lovely as birch bark, the craft could very well be something worth keeping. And here’s a good way to … Continue reading

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Peter Pan by the Morris Park Players: You’ll be hooked.

Good news! You don’t have to drop 30 clams to experience musical theater with your wee ones. Not when you’ve got the Morris Park Players presenting the beloved tale of Peter Pan. Forget what you think you know about community theatre … Continue reading

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Rock the Cradle 2014: Gather up your little groupies.

I wasn’t going to write about Rock the Cradle 2014. I mean, been there, done that. But seriously, how can I call myself a blogger of cool kid stuff in the Twin Cities and not mention it this year? Fact is … Continue reading

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Children’s Theatre Discount Tickets: The stage is set for savings.

Well, hello there. I’ve missed you. How were your holidays? Are you keeping warm? Which camp are you in: The hoping-they-cancel-even-MORE-school camp? Or the get-the-kids-out-of-the-house-NOW camp? Now that we’ve got that settled, I want to tell you about discount tickets … Continue reading

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Holiday Daycare at Como Park: Big fun for little monkeys.

Shopping or no shopping, things get a little kooky-busy this time of year. If only you could have, say, 4 1/2 hours to get a few things done, then maybe the holidays wouldn’t be so filled with frazzle. Enter: “Holiday … Continue reading

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Holiday Open House at Northern Clay Center (the kids will never know you’re shopping)

Every year I have such good intentions to buy holiday gifts that are unique, made by hand, and/or support some sort of great cause. But then, THEN, the holidays sneak up on me and I fall short (yoohoo, Amazon…). Not … Continue reading

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