Asshole Parents

I wouldn't let her touch the dog's poop. (photo via:

I wouldn’t let her touch the dog’s poop. (photo via:

This. This is what I’m loving today.

I could’ve contributed a few doozies in the toddler years. We still use the phrase “going gum ball” to refer to a meltdown the boy had when we wouldn’t get him a gum ball. Because we didn’t have change. Because we were assholes.

See all the parental assholery in all its glory right here.

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What toddler wouldn’t want a personal-injury-lawyer themed birthday party?

photo via

photo via

When it comes to birthday themes, some kiddos choose Thomas the Train, others choose Dora. Then there’s New Orleans toddler, Grayson. He chose local personal injury lawyer, Morris Bart, as his birthday theme.

Of course, he did.

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Today’s Exhausted Superkids

I forever struggle with whether or not I’m giving my child the opportunities I should be giving him.

Could he be in a better school? Should I be making him take his piano lessons more seriously? Is he going to fall behind? But then I think of my own childhood and how little my elementary school experience had to do with where I am now. Rather it was the series of choices I made and opportunities I pursued into adulthood as my personality took form and I learned more about who I am.

But, whoa! kids these days. It’s as if they’re already climbing the corporate ladder before they get their first job. And they’re losing a lot of sleep in the process.

 In a study in the medical journal Pediatrics this year, about 55 percent of American teenagers from the ages of 14 to 17 reported that they were getting less than seven hours a night, though the National Sleep Foundation counsels 8 to 10.

Somewhere between tiger-momming and letting your kiddo play six hours of video games a day, there has to be a sweet spot.

“No one is arguing for a generation of mediocre or underachieving kids — but plenty of people have begun arguing for a redefinition of what it means to achieve at all,” wrote Jeffrey Kluger in Time magazine last week. He noted, rightly, that “somewhere between the self-esteem building of going for the gold and the self-esteem crushing of the Ivy-or-die ethos, there has to be a place where kids can breathe.”

Get the whole sad story in Frank Brui’s Today’s Exhausted Superkids

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Father and son take same photo for 27 years

photo via

photo via

Every year for Mother’s Day, the hubs gives me a series of photo-booth style pics of the boy and him. All of the photos are mounted in a nice book he started when the little dude was just four months old, so I can see the gradual age progression of my two favorite fellas as I turn the pages. I KNOW, BEST. GIFT. EVAH! (He’s a keeper.)

I can’t help but think how awesome it will be if I get a page in my book like the last photo in this lovely series.

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How to teach your child not to interrupt.

I always find that the death stare is effective too.

Teach Your Child Not to Interrupt in One Simple & Respectful Step

photo: via

photo: via


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This is what your kid looks like while staring slack-jawed at the TV.

photo: donna stevens via

photo: donna stevens via

I grew up in a time when there was no such thing as “too much screen time.” But now, with so many kids not getting outside or enough exercise, I can understand why TV, or the “Idiot Box” as photographer Donna Stevens dubs it, is getting such a bad rap.

Whether it’s sweets or screen time, for our family it’s all about balance, you know, “everything in moderation.”

Still, whoa, these photos, these faces:

This is what your kid looks like while staring slack-jawed at the TV

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15 kid toys that are so wrong.

photo via

photo via

At first I thought, these can’t be real! Then I recalled playing with number 10 when I was little (little boobs, big boobs, little boobs, big boobs). Probably still in my parent’s basement today. Hello, eBay?

I’m a little surprised I didn’t have the Beeker car given my love for the Muppets.

15 Kid Toys So Sexually Inappropriate They Make Even Adults Feel Uncomfortable

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